The Cheyenne Canyon Band
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"The Cheyenne Canyon Band"  (CCB)                Cheyenne Canyon

                                                                        Jim Brown- Lead Vocals

                                                                        Jerry Johnson- Lead Vocals, Guitar
                                                                        Joe Valenza- Bass Guitar
                                                                        Joe Hurtado- Lead Guitar
                                                                        Bryon Newcomer- Drums

Video Files
   Best of my Love -(from the CD"Strange Way")
                                        Mixed-Harbour Red Studios
                                       Mastered- Deep End Studios

Audio Files

Cheyenne Canyon @ Stanstock
                                                                                                                                                       Joe & Jim

                                                                    Stanstock 2017

The Cheyenne Canyon Band's Members Biography   

     Current Members (click on name for biography)
         Jim Brown- Lead Vocals

         Jerry Johnson- Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
           Bryon Newcomer- Drums
           Joe Valenza- Bass Guitar
           Joe Hurtado- Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals

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        Harbour Red Studios
        Deep End Studios
        Deltona Recording Studios- Frank Starchak

In Memorium- Our friend Ed Rohrs  (R.I.P)
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                                       Cheyenne Canyon Band was originally formed in 1996