The Cheyenne Canyon Band
Independant recording Artists            Bookings: (443) 317-8563 Joe
                                                                                                                           (443) 257-9524 Bryon

                                                                Classic Rock & New Country music    
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"The Cheyenne Canyon Band Member Biography"
Bryon Newcomer- Drums

Bryon joined the Cheyenne Canyon Band after our original drummer Dennis Devor left in 2012, He has done a tremendous job of learning our lineup and keeping up with our entire list of songs (consisting of over 130 songs). He has a classic rock background but has filled in tremendously with our large selection of country songs. Bryon was born in Baltimore Maryland and currently lives in Essex Maryland. He is married and has one son & one daughter.
                                                                           Bryon Newcomer @ Hank's Place
Bryon @ Stanstock 2017
                                                                               Stanstock 2017

                                                  Bryon @ Alive at 5
                                                                              Bryon at Alive @ 5  

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                                             Cheyenne Canyon Band was originally formed in 1996