The Cheyenne Canyon Band
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                                                            Classic Rock & New Country music
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"The Cheyenne Canyon Band Member Biography"
           Jerry Johnson- Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Jerry is a founding member of the Cheyenne Canyon Canyon Band (1995). Lead singer along with Jim Brown and backup singer, also plays rhythm guitar and occasionally will play harmony leads at the urging of our lead guitarist.
Jerry was born in Baltimore Maryland and currently lives in Nottingham Maryland. He is married with one son. Jerry has played in local bands for many years.

JerryJerry Johnson
                                                              Why am I standing in the woods with a guitar?

Jerry in recording studio
                                                                                  In the Studio (1980's)

Shooting Star
                                                  Earlier days with "Shooting Star" (with Ray Garrity)

                                                              with local keyboardist Jay Williamson

Harbour Red
                                                                                Harbour Red Studios   
Jerry @ Stanstock 2017Jerry @ Stanstock 2017         
                                                                Jerry @ Stanstock 2017

Delany's Journey
                                    Jim, Jerry & Joe @ Towson American Legion (Delany's Journey)

                                               Cheyenne Canyon Band was originally formed in 1996                                                                                                      

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