The Cheyenne Canyon Band

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"The Cheyenne Canyon Band Member Biography"
         Jim Brown- Lead Vocals

Jim joined the Cheyenne Canyon Canyon Band in 1997 and quickly became our lead vocalist. With great range, his smooth soulful sound, coupled with our trademark harmonies defined our sound as we know it  today. Originally a Kareoke singer, Jim has become a true musician, plays guitar and has developed his ear for harmonies.
Jim was born in Baltimore Maryland and currently lives in Myersville Maryland. Recently remarried, he has two sons and a daughter (with 2 grand kids) and comes from a family of musicians.
Jim BrownJim BrownJim Brown
                                                                       There's those woods again

 Jim @ Adventure World
                                               Jim @ Adventure World- Don't eat any bugs (w/ Joe Valenza)


JimJim                     Dave's 1st & 10                                                                                 Jim @ Hank's Place
Harbour Red StudiosJim @ Stanstock                                      Harbour Red Studios

Jim @ StanstockJim at Stanstock 2017
 Jim @ Stanstock 2017

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eyenne Canyon Band as originally formed in 199